10 December 2009

[OTHERS] MG 096 Strike Noir (from Syful)

Just got Syful MG Strike Noir yesterday. You may or may not know that recently he posted in alot of people's shout out asking for help to build his Gunplas simply because he as too many !!!

We met in KB and this kit is already 70% done. The prize for completing it is a 1/100 Gold Frame Amatsu. Very generous of him to do so.

Anyways, I drop by my friend's place and took a few quick snaps of the kit.

Hopefully, I will be able to finish this kit soon :) but Syful was saying that there isn't any rush though.

Great guy, Syful and pleasure to meet you. Thanks for viewing.

1 comment:

  1. your welcome! ^^ I'll be waiting till you're done


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