11 December 2009

[HOWTO] JT's Workshop from HJ09-10 (HK Version)

Apparently, you can also do great things with those ugly mono-colored gashapon you got from the egg machines !!! Not sure whether you guys ever got the HK version of Hobby Japan but here are some tutorials by one of the Bandai Vendors in HK.

Here they have taken two unsightly gashapon which looks like some cheap eraser. But let the pictures show what was done :)

Simple step by step guide to make this gashapon worth looking at again :)

Ta-da !!! Shin-Musha and RX-78-2

I will post such tutorials again if I come across anything interesting from HK version of Hobby Japan. Just received mine last week. Sorry for not sharing the scans for some time as no one has been scanning the full magazine.

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