15 December 2009

[OTHERS] Banpresto Gunpla - RX-78-2 and GM

Bandai's realease has always been great. Of course not all of their release are all cool. And now, here's some stuffs from Banpresto. Similarly, not all there products are enticing but both their approach towards Gunpla is unique. Just look at this buffed up Gunplas. Isn't it cool or what ?

I know I am too much of a fans of RX-78-2 but Banpresto's "deformed-concept" to highlight each Gunpla versatility is simply awesome. Just have a look at these pictures which I have got from GA Graphics. It's just the simple RX-78-2 and GM with minimal panel lines.

BUT they look bad ass and strong. AND these Gunplas are not new release...

Even the simple GM looks awesome beside RX-78-2

It looks revoltech-like to me. And also notice the Manga style-pose of these Gunplas.

Not many MG nowadays can even do these "pull-out beam-saber" pose.

Makes me want to get all these Gunplas. Still waiting for information/price from

Thanks for viewing :)

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