23 December 2009

[OTHERS] 10 To the Power of 3 Hits Milestone :D

Big thank you to all of you who visited my blog :) I started this blog to be exact on the 5th of August 2009. Reason being boredom. Nothing better to do and at the same time I just re-started Gunpla-ying. So over these past few months, blogging has become a routine and now I try to make an effort to at least post 1 item per day.

My blog has not gone through alot of changes though :) Simply because I do not know how to code the page. I have been wanting to widen the page so that more things can fit in. But every now and then, I will create some new links with my own customized buttons. Just like the G-Tyro Gallery and Shops on the right panel.

Hopefully, in the near future, my interest for gunplas remains the same. And of course the continuous support from all of you guys/gals :)

Appreciated :)


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