08 December 2009

[GALLERY] HGUC 089 Kampfer [Part 1]

Yes !! My Kampfer is finally completed :D I have put all the stickers on and did a bit more painting :) Notice that some of the pictures are mix with those that was 90% complete (no stickers and less painting). Was too lazy to repose Kampfer to do the same beam saber action.

And also you will see that I have simply dry brush the metallic parts to give it a weathered scratched feel just like my MG Exia. Not many people may like it at all but this is the only way to reduce my panel lining work....haha...and also to make it look heavy and gungho !!

Kampfer is equipped with two of each kind of weapons it has. Which makes it unbelievable cool !!!

Stay tune for part 2. Thanks for viewing :)

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