19 December 2009

[GALLERY] HGUC 089 Kampfer [Part 3]

Done with the photoshoot of Kampfer in some flight pose. Should be it :) Can put my Kampfer away on a fixed pose now. This kit, I must say, it's really worth every penny you paid for. Not only it is cool looking, it has a range of badass weapons :) And it requires minimal painting :)

Anyways here is Kampfer once again. Last batch of photos.

Simple cruise flying pose looks cool enough :)

Inner thruster in yellow is painted...

I like this set very much due to the dual bazooka !! Any other kits out there with dual bazooka ? Can't think of any at the moment...

Here, the full set of weapons; chain mines, sturm faust x 2, beam saber x 2, shotgun x2..

Yellow spots on chain mines painted too...

Thanks for viewing !! KawanRia should order some Kampfer in, I bet it will sell good...


  1. Nice build bro, the panel lining very nice ;) are you using your new cam to take this picture? seems many noise on the picture. guess the iso too high.

  2. jojo, ya...i used iso800, forgot to change it back to 400 |||...its the same camera i used for others...the DCW-230...haha...good spot jojo :) camera enthusiast eh :)

  3. Ever consider Painting the Kampfer in Char Colors

  4. Nope...i have changed the color scheme in later post to shud check it out...


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