14 December 2009

[GALLERY] HGUC 089 Kampfer [Part 2]

A bit of action from Kampfer. These drum stick like weapons are actually called Sturm Faust. Sounds German to me though. I was actually planning to paint the white part but instead, I just used the provided foil sticker because I am too lazy :D

Some actions with the shotgun and sturm faust re-attached onto the side of each leg.

No matter how you look at Kampfer, it still looks cool !! Even with lame pose....

Kampfer equipped with the Giant Twin Bazookas and Twin Versatile Shotguns....

And of course the famous Chain Mines !!!

Thanks for viewing :) Hopefully, I will get motivated to take more pictures of Kampfer in flight mode. Too lazy to take out the action base.

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