18 December 2009

[FEATURE] Local Hobby Shop - Leong Brothers

That day when I was talking to Syful while getting the MG Strike Noir to build, he was asking me where to get top coating in Brunei. On top of my head, I just answered maybe Nanyang and then another small toyshop struck me. It's the one inside Soon Lee Megamart in Pandan area.

And yes, Syful was able to get the topcoat there :) So a few days later, I thought I should just go there and have a look. Maybe a few snapshots of what they are selling. Initally, I don't even know what the shop's name is. Just figure it out by looking at the price tag and asking Monkey-001 about it.

Anyways, this is how it looks like if you are wondering. It may look really nice from the pictures here but really...there is nothing much there ||| Of course nonetheless, they do sell some hobby kits stuffs and top coats too !!!

I think the brand of color they are selling is Gunze Sanyo. Not too sure about this brand but it "seems" like the old version of Mr.Hobby and Mr.Color.

Anyways, that's that. Apart from colors, they do sell primers, surfacers and compressed air for air brush not using a compressor.

Spotted a few interesting toys like Rei in this picture and Krilin of DBZ.

I don't know about you guys...but I have never heard of Monopoly ver.DBZ or Naruto. How does it looks like inside ?

Yep, here you will find stacks of Tamiya car and motorcycle kits. In addition to that, they are selling Bandai kits from the 80s at a very "steep" price. Worth looking at but not buying.

Some fake DBZ figures. I remember seeing a Batman figure with Logan's head on it in Bandar. Hillarious !!!

Thanks for viewing :) Go there and have a look and there may be some stuffs that interests you guys :)

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