21 December 2009

[OTHERS] Gunpla Arranged :)

It's almost the end of 2009 and the start of 2010. In 5 days time I will be going for a small vacation and only be back next year :D. It's been a while since I get some rest. Before going I thought that I ought to stow away some of my build Gunpla/toys boxes.

I took the HLJ box and place all of them inside :) Then I took out all those unbuild ones and placed them on the shelf.

Since these boxes are being stowed away, I figure it's a good idea to take out anything useful from the boxes. Yep, I took out all those unused parts from the runners and packed them in air seal bags then tagged them accordingly. Got the idea after seeing how arranged their stuffs :)

And also, I took out all the manuals as well. Some people might just chuck these boxes and manuals down the chute but for me, it is still worth keeping (at least for now). Will only throw them away when it is a absolute necessity.

Before you guys ask me (as if you guys will what sort of sealing packing I used, here it is :) Got it from a local super market Melimewah. 50 pieces in a pack @ B$3.80 i.e. B$0.076 per piece :)

So you guys arrange your Gunplas ? If yes, how ? Be sure to shout out :) and thanks for viewing. Happy holidays soon !!!!

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