13 December 2009

[TTHongLi] HG Drei from KawanRia

Just recently went to Bandar again. This time I helped my friend Kenny from SG to this TT Hong Li kit; Drei. You may have seen some of Kenny's decade old collection here, here and here.

This is a pretty popular kit among gunpla hobbyist. Along with Zwei and Ein, Drei played an important part in the Gundam 00 series season 1. Diorama usually feature these trio in action. Occasionally, this friend of mine likes to challenge himself in building Gunplas. Hence TT Hong Li :). I hope that he is going to create a diorama using these kits soon. Too bad KawanRia did not have Zwei in stock.

Anyways, before handling the kit to him in SG, I took the liberty of taking some pictures of the kit and how the runners looked. Nope, did not open the plastic though. But from what I can see (and what Kenny told me), the quality is better than that of GHD !!!

The booklet "reproduced" looks good with some explanation of the kit in english too.

Closer look at the runners. Just click on it to have a better look.

Made in China...

Thanks for viewing :)

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