12 December 2009

[ADV] NEW !! BB Sangokuden 351 Sonken Korinpaku & 352 Senzin Gasshin

New gunplas from the BB Sangokuden series. Actually alot more is coming out and just like hot cake. Kinda difficult to keep track of what is being release.

I am only showing those kits I myself are interesting in :) I am aware that there are quite a number of release from 00 series but didn't catch my attention though.

But here you go (These pictures are already all over the place).

Item: BB Sangokuden 351 Sonken Korinpaku
Price: US$10.77 / HK$84 / B$15.00

Item: BB Sangokuden 352 Senzin Gasshin
Price: US$34.10 / HK$266 / B$47.70

Happy buying !!!

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