01 October 2009

[FEATURE] Kenny's Old Gunpla Collection [Part 1]

This post will most basically just a photo gallery :) Nothing much to explain ya. Before actually looking at Kenny's work, I hope you guys remember one of my post regarding Bootleg or not. If not, its here.

Recently, he just got back from SG (in fact a few times already). But this time, I took some time and photographed half of his collection in Brunei. Most of the newer series Gunpla are in SG. We shall be seeing more of his works especially the bootleg PG Strike he got from Tagashie.

This is part 1 of 3 of his collection. 2nd part will be close up. Didn't want to crammed everything in one post.

Keep in mind that all these Gunplas are more than 10 years old and "industrial" grade paints were used to color them. Imagine Nippon paint on your Exia now !!!


  1. really nice collection!!
    2 thumbs up!

  2. thanks !!! will let my fren knw that his collection is appreciated :)


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