19 March 2010

Real Grade (RG) 1/144

I am bamboozled by Bandai once again. While I was just about to write something about the newly introduced line (about a month ago), BAMMMMM~~~~~Bandai drop the REAL GRADE bomb just like that. You know ?? Just like that without any warnings !!! Here is the new RG branding..

Both NgeeKhiong and some other blogs has already put this news up and I definitely should write something about it. The official announcement from Bandai is here.

So what is the hype for this line ? The hype are these:-

1) The scale is 1/144

2) The kit has an inner frame

3) Boast realistic decal

4) The first kit will be none other than RX-78-2 !!

5) The release date is July 2010 !!!!

6) The price is only 2,625 Yen !!!

I will definitely get this kit. Not sure how good it will be but I am getting it !!!!

1 comment:

  1. if look at the inner frame pic, can also see the palm with articulated fingers on the runner

    orz bandai~!


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