19 March 2010

BB Sangokuden LiuBei WIP2

A day of rest from work. Really tired these days. Since I have nothing productive to do, I took out Liu Bei and started the paint works. The color scheme is pretty simple, silver and gold. And both these colors are the easiest to apply.

In fact, this is the 2nd BB kit I have built so far. Never realize it until recently...haha..

I have just finished the first stage of the painting. Still need to wait for the paints to sink in before doing any other touch up. So you will probably see smudges and bleeds all over the place.

As a comparison of before and after painting...

Frankly speaking, SD/BB gunpla kits are a pain in the ass to "complete". Yes, its easy to build but the painting process can be tedious due to the various crazy patterns and small details.

Anyways, thanks for viewing. More pictures soon.

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