15 March 2010

My Swift got hit and scratched !!!

My car got hit and scratched a couple of weeks ago. Below is the picture of the weather condition where the alleged driver overtook many cars and scratched my car while returning to left lane. Too lazy to explain again. Just look at the summary below.

Bad weather condition and heavy traffic

Illustration of the accident

Here are the scratches on my car. It is not serious but the fact that my car is new makes me furious.

Issue has been resolved. Shall received a compensation of B$100.00 after 15/03/10 (but the appraisal of the damage by the authorised body work person is B$180.00). Got an apology and admission that fault was on her.

1 comment:

  1. You’re quite fortunate that it was just a fender bender, and everything got settled immediately. We must be cautious when turning from one lane to another, especially during bad weather conditions. Don’t be reckless! Focus on the road! Remember that you’re the only one on the road. #Cristy Witherspoon


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