16 March 2010

MG 094 Strike IWSP Part 3 [Weapons]

These are the weapons of Strike. Strike has the usual Gundam weapon package. Notably the coolest weapons are the Grand Slam (Huge Sword) and the Combined shield (Gatling Gun).

And instead of beam sabers, Strike comes with 2 x Anti-Ship Sword (Katanas) and 2 x Schneider (Combat Knifes) and an extra conventional shield. Plus there is also a Beam boomerang attached to the Combined shield.

All weapons (except Beam Boomerang; I missed it)

Notice that I have changed the color schemes of some weapons. I sprayed the Grand Slam and Katana blades with Tamiya Light Gun Metal Grey to give it a more realistic look compared to just plain white.

The usual colors for the blades as per's OoB built.

A closer look at the Gatling Gun Combined Shield...

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more pictures.

1 comment:

  1. personal opinion: maybe you should try to dry brush the whole model next time instead of just the grey color parts ^^


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