14 March 2010

MG 094 Strike IWSP Part 2 [Strike]

Ok. This is the official my MG Strike IWSP pictures. Will be splitting them into various parts. However, for those who have been visiting my blog, will know that I don't really do any review on Gunpla kits but just a personal gallery for the pictures that I have taken.

Hope that you all like what I am sharing. Here goes:-

Like I have said previously in my WIP posts, Strike itself is pretty awesome without any weapons. Currently one of my favourite MG. If you are interested in how the frame looks, you can either check it out with or here (my gallery).

If you look at the Gundams in SEED. They have very close resemblance to that of UC series due to the fact that the SEED series was created by original creator of Gundams; Tomino Yoshiyuki.

Here the kneeling pose which is usually one of those benchmark for good articulation in Gunpla kits. Strike doing well here.

Stay tune for more pictures to come and thanks for viewing.

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