20 March 2010

HG After War (HGAW); HGAW 001 Gundam X

NOTE: I wrote this while just finding out about REAL GRADE so this post may be a bit dated but I am too lazy to edit again.

I am sure most of the Gunpla fans is well aware that Bandai has yet again opened up another path of destruction for our pockets. Brilliant of course and alot of fans would in fact be very happy about this move.

With HGUC, kits are limited to the Universal Century but with HGAW : After War; a whole new line just opened up !!! You don't need me to help you do the imagining part !!! Anways !!!! Just imagine, all the kits from series of Gundam Wings, Gundam X, Shining Gundam, and Turn A Gundam all falling into this line.

I am pretty sure most of the kits will be enticing to everyone !!! All the kits you can imagine will be brought back to life with better articulation and more often than not, with super improved articulation !!!! I am not even going to name any of the kits, simply too many.

Apart from that, I am also pretty sure (and speculation of many hobbyist) that the MG line will definitely grow with it. Shoot Bandai for being so good at marketing !!!

But for now, here is their first kit in the series. Decide to buy it or not. I will wait for the review from or others before getting it. But from the shots below, its pretty good looking with much better proportion compared to its predecessor.

HGAW 001 Gundam X
US$16.62 / HK$129.6 / B$23.30

Image from Happinet Online. Thanks for viewing and happy buying.

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