30 March 2010

Soul of Chogokin GX-49 Mazinger Z with God Scrander

A break from Gunplas. I am building too many kits at the moment. Some new and some re-work. Mostly re-working a certain kit right now and is waiting for some of the components to arrive. 

So in the mean time, I got this Soul of Chogokin figure from Never thought that I would get one considering that the price is about 8,800yen without shipping. However, HLJ was having a sale on their SOC line-up (with GX-49 at 50% discount !!)and I have been watching the Mazinger anime so I just got it. 

The total cost of this figure is 4,400yen + 1,328yen = 5,728yen which converts to a total of B$90.50. So why not, considering that it is at 50% discount and the reasonable shipping charge with EMS

This time the package comes just fit for the SOC box..

I have already opened up the package prior to taking these pictures so expect some damage on the box..


Comes neatly packed in 3 compartment; Mazinger himself, God Scrander and the miscellaneous arms and display parts..

Various swappable parts to pose Mazinger..

The Soul of Chogokin Mazinger display base; one of the coolest feature of all SOC line-up..

The Mazinger casket..

The Mazinger is 60% diecast metal and 40% plastic due to the Zeus Fist transformation gimmick. It's counterpart GX-45 of Mazinger alone is fully diecast metal though.

There is some weight to the Mazinger. An approximation would be 5 x MG Exia at least.

Clearer pictures of the various swappable parts and display base..

The manual. I will probably scan it properly next time but some pictures here and there will do for now.

A bit of details/history of Mazinger in Japanese. Mecha pictures shown too.

Instruction on the transformation and part swapping procedures..

The detail of the SOC line-up lives up to up it's name. The Pilder in the picture below is actually about a 5cent coin. And yet the detail and its ability to fold up and sit on Mazinger's head.

Mazinger with the Pilder On !!!

Pictures of the God Scrander; the one and only weapon that made this SOC so desirable..

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for Mazinger in action.


  1. The gold fist reminds me of Burning Gundam final attack

  2. yes, i got this figure at a bargain price...hopefully i will have time to pose it more for pictures soon...

  3. I remember my first Mazinger Chogokin that I bought online at PIJ The day I receive my order package, I wasn't able to sleep that night. This blog of yours just gave me an idea to buy another Mazinger Z robot to add to my collection.

  4. i also got my collection of getter robot Chogokin at PIJ but i purchase it personally since it just a same area where i live. I just would like to ask, if this is a complete one robot or one could also purchase the accessories only.


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