23 March 2010

HGUC ZZ Gundam and HGFC God Gundam

Updates from Hobby Japan 2010-05. Prototype pictures of God Gundam and ZZ Gundam !!!

Apparently, Bandai is naming God Gundam's series HGFC ? I thought this line is/was suppose to be HGAW ?! Please explain to me; anyone who can read japanese.

Colourless mold of the ZZ Gundam. Very nice kit and it comprises of several parts just like the anime. Able to combine; very popular during that time :)

All image from SRWhotnews.


  1. HGFC is High Grade Future Century since it from that century. HGAW is High Grade After War. X Gundam from After War series. Different centuries have different grade line. LoL!

    Interested to get both of them!

  2. I agree with the WEN, Future Century is Gundam Fight era

  3. ic i understood...where can we get all the cash for all these !!!


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