07 March 2010

Detroit Metal City - Johannes Krauser II

I think most of you probably won't know anything much about Detroit Metal City. Me too until I downloaded a couple of episodes from BleachExile. Just sign-up for a free account.

This anime is fun too watch considering that one episode last about 13mins only. Here is a sypnosis directly from their website:-

Detroit Metal City (DMC) is a quickly rising independent Death Metal band. They garner fame by performing wild live shows and writing songs filled with hate, violence, and rape. The band is fronted by Soichi Negishi who takes on the stage name Krauser II. On stage he is a wild-unchained beast. Off-stage he is a tranquil, tender-loving person who enjoys Swedish Pop music. He hates himself as Krauser and his two personalities collide making his private life very difficult.

It also has a live-action movie which closely sticks to the anime storyline. Just google it and you will find the torrents/downloads. The cover art is here:-

I don't usually post anime stuffs here. And yes, there is a reason to do so as I have just got one of the main character's Revoltech figure; Johannes Krauser II. Watch the anime and the witty comedy will get to you. Live-action movie is pretty good too.

Here are some pictures of the figure I got from eBay. Cost me USD14.99 with shipment and that is about B$21.00. Very reasonable pricing.

Pretty cool flashing speed guitar playing here !!

Thanks for viewing :)


  1. the anime is still nicer than the live action but then again the live action is not that bad either hahaha

  2. watched the real movie before and like the story very much

  3. yep...the anime is funnier but the movie is great too :D reckon i will collect the whole set with jagi and camus too...haha


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