02 March 2010

HGUC 0096 Unicorn Frenzy !!

The start of 2010 has so far been good to Gunpla hobbyist. Bandai is rolling out new kits like hot cakes. I feel that their marketing department has gone crazy, not that they need to really do any though.

With all the different lines PG, MG, HG, BB and others, it's simply too difficult to get things into perspective. At least that's how I feel.

Here, I am putting a list down of HGUC 0096 kits. It's for my convenience and hopefully of some use to whoever is viewing. Please click on the name of kit to link to

Here goes:-

USD13.85 / HK 108 / B$19.50

USD41.54 / HK324 / B$58.50

USD16.62 / HK129.6 / B$23.40

HGUC 100 Gundam Unicorn [Unicorn]
USD13.85 / HK108 / B$19.50

HGUC 102 Geara Zulu
USD16.62 / HK129.6 / B$23.40

HGUC 103 ReZel
USD18.46 / HK146 /B$26.00

HGUC 104 Stark Jegan
USD20.31 / HK158.4

HGUC 106 ReZel [Commander]
USD20.31 / HK158.4 /B$28.60

USD14.77 / HK115.2 /B$20.80

Will update list when more kits comes in.

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