28 March 2010

Banner Version 2.0 to Version 3.0

I believe all of you would have received an email from Blogger regarding their new blogging template-ing software. Roll out at the right time I must say. I have been wanting to change my blog to what it is now with both sides utilized and Blogger's new tool made it extremely simple to do so.

And here it is. I made some changes to the layout and color theme of my blog so that it can be easy on the eyes. Plus I have also updated my banner so that it is now 100% my design rather than with the Japanese Gunpla characters I took from one of their expo poster. Another mistake that I have changed is the spelling of "Amatuer" to "Amateur". Not too sure if any one have spotted it previously or not.

With that said, I would to express my thanks to all visitors for visiting :)

Stay tune for more postings. I am currently busy with work but I am on a small Gunpla project now involving previously built kit. It's my first small mod. Will update soon enough :)


  1. I like how you revamp you site layout and design. Looks really good. Nice effort and good job there!

  2. jacques :) i visited ur blog too and added you too..


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