03 March 2010

MG 094 Strike IWSP Part1 [Inner Frame]

This is the first set of pictures of Strike. I usually prefer to build the inner frames first before doing any other thing else and a habit is to make the frame metallic like. Comparing this frame to the MGs which I have built (RX-78-2 OYW and Exia), this one is pretty simple.

But the outcome is more than simple. The favorite part of this frame is the shoulder and arm sections. Compare to other frames, it's more sturdier and take up more weight without yielding.

The leg's frame is pretty simple and with ball joints, the articulation is restricted but still great.

Nothing much to say about the chest's frame other than the joints to the shoulder piece. The design provide a fair bit of articulation which enables pretty good hand actions.

A size comparison to double O's Seraphim...

That's my finger there. Too lazy to remove pictures from batch.

Stay tune for more pictures and thanks for viewing.

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