09 March 2010

Lots of Speed or Shit !!??

I do not want to sound like a whining bitch and whine about small stuffs. But this has become unbearable. I did not want to even post this. And I do not believe that I am the only experiencing this kind of internet service.

I have not used other internet service like OMNI, Go!Broadband etc etc but I wanted to put my thoughts and express them using the following sentences.

There was e-speed then there is e-speed2. What it really is, is that e-speed is analogous to e-shit. You get shitty connection and get shit out of your mind. Then comes e-shit2.

No no !! You DON'T GET TWICE the shit but what you will get is the following equation !!!

Sorry for being pissed.


  1. LOL so true bro... SO VERY true!! XD

  2. Agree... nothing else new to say... same old shit...

  3. Well at the end of the day theres a lot of shit to be cleaned hahahaha.....


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