11 March 2010

MG 094 Strike IWSP WIP4

Finally, I have done it. Last task was to build this IWSP backpack. Took me quite some time simply because I am not the type that wants to spend too much time just on a backpack. Too time consuming and this backpack is just too big !! The wing span is about 3 x HGs wide and the parts is approximately 2 x RX-78-2 30th Anniversary. Luckily enough the decal is not too bad. Reasonable amount.

Then again, I am glad that I have finally finished this kit and will lay my hands off MGs for the time being. You will notice that I have not done any painting on the back pack. Definitely not now but some time in the future.

Stay tune for more pictures of Strike in action soon.

Thanks for viewing:)

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