12 March 2010

UC 0096 MG Unicorns and more Unicorns...

In conjunction to the release of the Unicorn movie, Bandai has released two kits. Both are basically the same as the ver.Ka released many years ago.

The difference would be the more or less boasted improved articulation in the knee section. Probably by less than 10 degrees. Second, the inclusion of the MS cage which again I think is a unnecessary commodity and with blue beam sabers instead of pink.

What Bandai really should have done is putting the BEAM GATLING GUN !!! in the package. Anyways, that is just my opinion.

Here goes:-

MG Gundam Unicorn HD
USD46.15 / HK360 / B$64.85

MG Unicorn HD + MS Cage
USD69.23 / HK540 / B$97.27


  1. Holy crap, I know it has a MS cage added but with Beam Gatling Guns x2 ( 0_0 )

    Are you going to order it???

  2. No Mobius, I am saying it would be great if Bandai included them but they did not...

  3. agree that BANDAI should include that... but the cage is another great way for posing... anyway, we can easily purchase similar display cage from the store... so i prefer the gattling gun rather than cage ^^


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