04 March 2010

HGUC 0083 Zaku II F2

Not too sure why Bandai chose to release both this kits in the midst of Unicorn frenzy. Could have better plans for them though. Here are the two kits that were released or going to be. Both of them Zaku IIs; one from Zeon and the other from EFSF. Same with different color schemes.

If you do not own any Zakus, then this may well be a good time to do so. I ain't gonna get either of them as I already have a MG Zaku II Type F v2.0 which I have sealed. Comes with clear parts too.

Guys, please correct me if I got the HGUC No. wrong. Not too sure whether they are 105 and/or 108 yet.

Please click on the name of kit to link to

HGUC 105 Zaku II F2 [Zeon]
USD13.85 / HK 108 / B$19.50

USD13.85 / HK 108 / B$19.50

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