08 October 2009

[GALLERY] BB Sangokuden Luxun !!! [Part 1]

Hey Guys, It's been some time since BB CaoCao. Today, I will show you the work of one of my friend. We got the CaoCao and Luxun from Toysworld quite some time ago. I can't remember when (but I can check which I am too lazy to do now...haha).

He did a far better paint job than me. And we actually share the tools we use like colors and thinners etc. It would be a waste not to showcase some of his work. Of course, we are just amatuers :) Have a look at the pictures below. This will be first batch of Luxun photos. Will post more later with some action post and macros :D.

Modeller wish to remain anonymous but let's give him a nick for easy reference:- Monkey-001

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