24 October 2009

[FEATURE] Surprising Miri Trip :D

Was actually going offshore today but was postponed due to some issues so I went to Miri today to do some personal chores AND ff course after doing what I was there for, I went for some windows shopping (toys) with Monkey-001. It has been 3 months since my last visit to Miri and I am surprise to find out that Toy's world is not the only place to find gunplas. In fact their choices is a bit limited.

There are now new sections dedicated to Gunplas and Dragon Ball Z/Kai now in both Imperial Mall and Parkson Grand's Boulevard. Take a look at these pictures that I have taken randomly. Bear with the blurriness as I took the photo with my crappy E71 camera.

Not only do they have better Gunplas and DBZ figures, the range of transformers toys are much better than the whole of Brunei's shop. No offence; just saying what I think is true. Did not take any pictures of it though.

I must say again that the range and gunpla update is quite good !!! but drawback is that the price are extremely steep. However, some of the smaller kits like Sangokuden is still ok :D

You guys should go have a look when in Miri. Not great but still worth a look at :D

Thanks for viewing :) Enjoy your weekend :)


  1. i think i know this place...imperial mall rite...correct me if im wrong...the gunpla in sale a bit of xpensive...i went thre a few months ago...the best thing is...the shop sell rare gundam...tht makes it better thn othr place in mire...heheh...

  2. yes rj, you are right :) they have the stuffs but price is overkill man !!!

  3. which level they're at? I wanna see it too if I go to Miri :D

  4. hey yamada, its at the top floor :) you won't miss it :D

  5. man, I can't believe that i saw HG psycho gundam. What its price?

  6. i forgot about the price but its expensive !!!


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