20 October 2009

[ADV] Promotion @

I know most of you guys just had a gunpla/figures shopping spree at CH recently :) Burned a pretty big hole through your pocket ya !? lol !!!

But I am still promoting these to you guys. Recently, is having a promotion and they are promoting on 2 of the most popular kit !!! MG Zaku II F and HGUC Hi-Nu up to 25% !!!

I have got some pictures from your you guys' reference :)

Item: MG 106 Zaku II F
Price: USD28.10/ HK210/ B$37.70

Item: HGUC 095 Hi-Nu
Price: USD18.33/ HK143/ B$25.70

Let the 2nd wave of "pocket burning" begins !!! lame |||

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