05 October 2009

[WIP] MG 123 Exia WIP1 !!! I have one too :)

Everyone has an Exia !!! I have one too...I got it from "" sometime ago and did not build it until the last two weeks. Exia is by far the most articulated MG I have ever seen and when it first came out, I knew I must get my hands on it.

It came and I did not want to spoil this awesome kit without proper modelling skills. I saw alot of kits that has weathering done to it and inner frame look awesome due to the metallic look. So I search and look up videos on youtube that provides the tutorial. I will post the videos another time so watch out for it :)

Then one day after work, went to Nanyang KB and bought the Tamiya X-32 Titanium Silver @B$5.00. Kinda pricey but its ok as long as I can do something over the weekend.

Here is some of the pictures of my brave (ya right !!!) first attempt to weather MG inner frame :) Pictures with new camera !!!

Thanks for viewing !!! Btw pictures taken in room using fluorescent so its not bright enough. Pictures here are not PS at all :)

As a comparison, these is what Dalong's review looks like.


  1. Wow! But looks like a Villain Exia.

  2. haha...thanks man...tat's a nice way of putting what i have done to my kit...will have some updates soon !!!! stay put :)


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