18 October 2009

[GALLERY] Revoltech 046 Starscream - Unboxing :)

I know there are a lot of Transformers fans out there. I am one but not those hardcore type. The figures that really attracted my attentions are those hyper articulated figures from Revoltech.

Revoltech 046 Starscream !!! I got this from a friend quite some time back and almost forgot about its existence until recently !!! Still in the bubble wrap when I took it out. Here are the pictures of the figure in the box.

By the time you guys read this post, I have already sold this to someone. Anyways, I already have consent from this buyer to take pictures of it :) and he agrees. Thank you very much :) I will let you guys know who bought it in my next post featuring Starscream in various pose.

Once again, thanks for viewing and enjoy the pictures. Go Decepticons !!!!

I am always impressed by Japanese stuffs especially toys. Right from the box to the manual/catalogue; the presentation is carefully plan out to catch every single ounce of your attention.

Stand is included as well to post Starscream and plastic "were" wrapped around each joint. I removed it though :) Get ready for some actions shot post in the future !!!

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