28 October 2009

[ADV] New Release: Robot Damashii 00 Seven Sword

I guess I do not need to introduce much about this figure. It's all over the place :D. And all good for grab !!! Buy it at now !!! I am too broke to buy this for the time being guys or else I would have snatch :D

Big news coming soon guys !!! I have contacted with's owner William (for some time now). AND the bigger news MAY be more discount to reader of this blog !!! If you buy using some code or note (which we are still discussing), you will most probably get more out of your bucks stuffs there !!! More details soon !!! :D

Item: Robot Damashii Gundam 00 Seven Sword
Price: USD35.90/ HK280/ B$50.60

Click the link above to see a video of the product. Brought to you by's owner himself !!!

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