10 October 2009

[SALE] Mode Lock M9 Gernsback !!!

EDIT: Gernsback has been SOLD to Ryu (XX/10/2009) for B$25.00. Thanks :)

Hi Guys, I have a couple of figures/kits for sale. Got them some time ago but do not have the time to play/build them yet. I got this Fullmetal Panic mecha but I have never even watched the anime. Was attracted to the design and packaging. Now I have decided to sell this kit so that I can get more Gunplas :)

Item: Mode Lock M9 Gernsback
Price: B$25.00

If anyone is even remotely interested, please contact me via shout out. Thanks a bunch. I have 2 more unopened Revoltech figures that I am planning to sell as well. Will take pictures and post them up.

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