17 October 2009

[GET] Hobby Japan (HK) 2009-10 with XN Raiser

Huge picture post today. I mentioned that my XN Raiser is here. Yes it is :) I bought the Hobby Japan 2009-10 HK version from After 2 weeks of waiting (due to Hari Raya), I finally got it :).

I suppose some of you may say WTF !!! Chinese version ?? Not original ?? Waaa..GHD/TT Hong li le....

No no no...for you guys information, Hobby Japan is translated by Hong Kong Hobbyist; carefully and accurately; not even an ounce of lazy work from what I can see from the magazine.

Have a look for yourself :) Click on picture for a bigger view :)

Chick building gundams !!!

Then you may say WTF !!!! the XN Raiser is a fluke !!! Fake !!! GHD le....

No no no...for you guys information, the garage kit is MADE IN JAPAN :) Take a look at the pictures below...I chatted with's owner and he told me that these garage kits are from the very same factory !!! so its all GOOD :D

Branded SUNRISE....

Made in JAPAN...

Closer look at the runners without clear packaging...

It's all good guys ! The HK version is cheaper and easier to get. I have bought Hobby Japan 2009-11 too. It should be here very soon. If you guys are still not convince that HK version is practically the same as the Japanese version then I will review the next issue too :)

Those who would like their own copy can head to and get it. They sell Dengeki hobby magazine too. If you insist on getting the japanese version, its available there too :)

Thank you for viewing/reading. Most posts coming soon :)


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  2. do they still selling this..??


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