14 October 2009

[NEWS] MG V Gundam Ver.Ka

I used to own some kits from the V Gundam series back when I was a kid...probably when I was still in the primaries. I had both V and V2 Gundam (V2 belongs to my brother actually). Back then, those kits were actually quite well molded and the color were kinda accurate. Those kits were given away if I am not wrong and probably thrown out as garbage.

Here are the pictures from Ngee Khiong's post.

Now, Bandai has given a breath of life to this forgotten series with theire recent release of MG V Gundam Ver.Ka. I am expecting good reviews and design from any ver.Ka kits. You guys should have already known that its out. Here are some pictures I got from GA Graphics.

First impression would be that this MG is kinda simple and too "curvy" to my liking. I am no fans of the V Gundam series too. But after looking at the runners and the transformation gimmick below, it is not bad after all.

It will be interesting to see how it transform and how the assembly guide look like. Personally, some gundams design are a bit difficult to accept initially but it grows on you. I will give an example next time.

Thanks for viewing.

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