20 October 2009

[GALLERY] Revoltech 046 Starscream...Expressing his opinion !!! [Part 1]

No introduction needed for this famous figure. It's the famous sidekick of Megatron; Starscream. This figure was produced a few years ago and now become sort of a rare item. Most of us knows that Revoltech produces ultra articulated figures and in this case, the main drawback is its un-transformable design.

Anyways, disregarding the "transforming" factor, this figure is awesome; the facial expression to the overall form factor; all well molded to reproduce Starscream's personality; cunning, cocky and careless.

For you guy's information, this figure was sold to a fellow Hardcore Transformer Collector named Maru. Before handling the figure to him, I have requested him to let me take some photos of his Starscream :) and here it is !!!

Enjoy the pictures and thanks for viewing once again. Pose are those depicted on the back of the box. This will be pose 1 of 3. Expect more coming soon :)

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