16 October 2009

[ADV] HGUC 100 & 101 Unicorn & Destroy Mode

Yep...old news but I just want to post it so that my blog compiles all the Gunplas I really like. No stranger to anyone reading I bet; Gundam Unicorn has more than its fair share of publicity.

I am going to buy the HGUC kit rather than the MG kit simply because I will not bother to transform between Unicorn and Destroy modes anyways. Might as well choose just the Destroy mode.

Here are some pictures from Moeyo.

Item: HGUC 101 Gundam Unicorn [Unicorn Mode]
Price: US$ 13.46 / HK$ 105 / B$18.90

Item: HGUC 100 Gundam Unicorn [Destroy Mode]
Price: US$ 16.15 / HK$ 126 / B$22.70

Thanks for viewing :) Let me know if anyone of you are interested in getting this kit as well.

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