18 October 2009

[GALLERY] MG 123 Exia...Complete !!!

Finally, I have managed to finished my MG Exia after approximately two months. Have been busy and lazy to build lately. I usually assemble very little day by day; each time usually spending 0.5 hr.

I am glad that I have finally completed my 2nd MG :D Exia is my favourite kit right now :) I did not do much processing to it; just the usual nip mark removal, panel lining and some thing extra; frame weathering.

But I am still left with the shield and the big GN Sword...kinda lazy though and I have skipped alot of decal....

Currently, I am also attempting some modification to it. Hope it is successful !!

Here is how it looks right now.

Please click picture for a bigger view :) Thanks for viewing and more pictures will be coming soon.


  1. Finally, I checked the finished product - MG Exia. It looks very nice

  2. thanks for the compliment man :) thanks for making it available to me :D

  3. hey thanks :) slow project man...took me forever to build it due to time constraint...


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