21 October 2009

[GALLERY] MG 123 Exia...Beam Sabers [Part 1]

My favourite part post building a kit is posing them with some cool stance !! I guess it's the same for all of us :) Frankly speaking, a kit is better to post with when they are weaponless. I had more fun with Exia when it has nothing in his hands. Luckily enough there is no back pack for Exia to hinder posing. Not like some kits; Nu...

Anyways, one of my favourite attribute of Exia is that it look fast and nimble. I always like the "prepare" for battle stance. I did it for RX-78-2 as well, starting with drawing out their beam sabers...

Then, getting ready to hack and slash his better not caption the pictures or else it will be spoilt...

Sword Stance 1

Sword Stance 2

Sword Stance 3

Thanks for viewing. More pictures coming soon. And also while these photos are up, I have done another mod to Exia. Will be rolling it out soon enough :)

Notice that I have also applied my own watermark :D Didn't there were programs that to batch my job much more easier :)

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