13 October 2009

[OTHERS] Frame Arms Type-001

Hey all, you guys still remember the Frame Arms I was talking about awhile back ? Guess, there are more pictures of the inner frame now. I got this from GA Graphics; bigger pictures and clearer views.

Pretty much the same as the prototype with "slots" for armors to be attached to. Armored core look with the "inverse three toes" design and very well articulated.

It can do all kind of pose that you want it too. But I am not too sure once you attach the armors onto it. It may just be like most MGs, less flexibility due to armor pieces hindering each other.

If you get just the frame, it will only come with the above weapon;s some sort of rifle and semi-automatic; not bad :)

Here is a closer look of the frame and how armors are actually design to attach on the frame. Pretty simple and straight forward.

Notice that some parts from the frame actually has to be removed to accommodate the armor piece. For your information, the armor piece is from SA-16 Stylet.

There is not much of a variation a frame can get. Very much like MGs but if you look closely, the hip-leg connection allows you to adjust the height by slotting the "H" shape protrusion into it. It will be difficult in my opinion to always pulling it in and out just to adjust the height.

Overall, the Frame Arms seems to be fun to pose/play with and with the ability of "mix&match" armors, I believe it's going to be a hit :) I might be getting one too.

Thanks for viewing.

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