22 October 2009

[GET] Goodies from HLJ Free Shipment...:)

Not sure whether you guys got anything from HLJ a few weeks ago when they have free shipment; international to promote their new PayPal system. Anyways, long talk cut shout. I bought 2 things from them. One arrive and another did not because it was out of stock.

I got this; the Aoshima R35 GT-R which coincidentally is exactly the same kit as what Ryu Hayabusa got from CH !!!! Really !!!! cost me about B$48 though. Not too sure how to start with this kit but my friend Monkey-001 has alot of car models and he will be my guide in building this kit.

I am sure I won't be touching this kit this year...haha...maybe some time in 2010 :)

Ryu was telling me that his kit was missing something. Not too sure what it was but it has to do with the body kit of sort. Here are all the runners from my kit. Just for your reference whether it is factory fault or something else...

The other thing that I ordered was the the High DX Super Saiyan Goku vol. 4 !! but too was out of stock as they have to fill order that preceded me :(. HLJ just sent me an email saying that this won't be available anymore !!! Too bad...


  1. Wow... that looks harder than any Gundam models I've built ^^;. Just painting it alone seems daunting xD.

  2. :)...not too sure myself too...never build a car for visiting :) can i link to ur blog ?


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