19 October 2009

[OTHERS] Frame Arms Type-002 Gorai !!

More pictures of Gorai. I suppose you guys have seen enough of Frame Arms for the time being already. Actually, this set of pictures came before my previous post on Frame Arms.

I think/feel that pictures better bring out the "wow" factor of the frame arms. I prefer Gorai over Stylet simply because it looks more rugged and tough.

Seems like Kotobukiya will be offering some kind of color variation to Gorai. I suppose it will be the same for Stylet as well. Nonetheless, it gives hobbyist some options

Closer look of Gorai. Very armored core like and design, to me, is realizable and practical.

Great details and some really cool down to earth weapons.

I really like this Gorai very much but the fact that the frame comes assembled kinda kill off the fun. Would prefer it to be self-assemble.

Head can be swap as well with or mod with extra parts. Kinda cool :D

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