11 April 2010

HGUC 032 Char's Zaku II 98% Complete

Alrites, I am almost complete with my Char's Zaku II. At the moment, I am actually waiting for the Mark Softer to make the decal right and also the a red display base to pose this kit. Anyways, to start off, here are 2 reference pictures taken from, its the normal look for Zaku II with just the panel lining done.


Pretty turn off with the look of this kit initially but I was thinking of testing out the sprays so yea...Here are the pictures of my version of Zaku II. I also gave this kit some decal leftovers (belongs to Monkey-001's old MG Zaku and Gouf) to give it a more "MG" look.


Here are the pictures of the weapons coated with Tamiya's Gun Metal. Note that the Heat Hawk is detailed with the Super silver marker. It is noticeably more "silvery" compared to Mr.Hobby's Silver. 


Actually, I have also detail the sole of Zaku II feet but forgot to take some pictures of it. Anyways, I will posting more pictures up once this kit is completely finished.

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more pictures.


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