02 April 2010

HGUC 049 Psycho Gundam WIP1

I was actually suppose to post this in the morning but did not have the time to do it. Anyways, here it is, the gargantuan Psycho Gundam. At time of this post, Psycho is finished and have undergone some changes. You will have the chance to see it soon when all the components comes together. Btw, this kit belong to Monkey-001. 

Not going to say more here as this will just a preliminary post. Stay tune for more and thanks for viewing.

I like this picture very much as it clearly illustrates the difference in size. Both kits are 1/144.

Thanks for viewing once again.


  1. nice bro, u panel line or panel wash?

  2. The size is almost equal to the 1/110 scale.

    If you have Gundam MK-2 battle with Psycho, it will be just like the anime

  3. hey luffy, my fren panel lined him then use cotton buds to clean...:)

  4. ya mobius, i still have my mark ii and zeta unbuild..ill see how thing goes

  5. Make sure u got a background of Hong Kong ( ^^ )

  6. Hi, friend! What the size in milimeters, after build? Thanks!


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