28 April 2010

[ADV]'s New Packaging

Hopefully I am the only person given these pictures. These pictures were given to me by William of I have been a pest to him for a long to get hold of these exclusive photos and finally got them last week. 

According to William, he cleared the area of his colleagues before taking these pictures :) Thanks William. As a reference, he has put together their packaging alongside Bandai and Yamato. Hope this will give readers a better idea of how much their packaging have improved over the past 6 months.

Please visit their shop with the quick access icons on this blog's left panel. 

According to William,

1. They have different number for different boxes. You can check T# in the box upper side
2. Different number means different size. Those are some and not all in our inventory
3. Each side are with 2 layer carton to reduce the damage from delivery, OR careless handlement
4. There is 2 cardboards inside each shipment with our logo (Upper and Lower). This is to fix the product position inside the box.

Note: These are words directly from the email itself. 

Cool logos pasted everywhere on the box...

Hopefully with these pictures, everyone who is intended to buy from got their confidence boosted :) Note that due to Brunei's Custom procedures, packages usually comes a bit late. This does not mean that the seller posted it late.This applies to too.

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