12 April 2010

Tamiya Spray Paints, Masking Tapes

Here is the line up of spray paints that I have been using for re-working my Nu, Unicorn, Exia and most recently Char's Zaku II. The sprays are really pricey at B$9.50 per can for 100ml. However, the end result cannot be compared with hand painting.


 It is far more simple than hand painting and all you really need to do is focus on masking your model kit. Then spray away. Plus its super duper quick dry. You can start handling the parts after 15mins of spraying. Really !!

I got this Tamiya masking tape a long time ago but never actually used it before. Here's a picture of the masking tape. I will show you in a future post some of the pictures of the masking that I have done on Nu and Zaku II. Simple but you will need patience.


Alright, here are the close ups on the spray cans. You will find the exact color name and model number if anyone is interested in buying the same sprays.

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more updates :)


  1. woah. would love to see how the colors looked after being sprayed!!! i have the same exact spray paint colors in mind! metal blue for my tachikoma, metal red for reborns, metal black for psycho gundam, and pearl white for unicorn gundam!!! woah. nv thot that anyone would buy the same color that im considering now. your paint job would aid me immensely! =D

  2. hey ren n tako :) wow...seems like we have the same color palette in mind worries, i will be the experiment ;) hahaha


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