21 April 2010

HGUC 101 Gundam Unicorn R-WIP1

Yes. This is what I have been busy with. But that is not all. Anyways, I will let you guys find out for yourself in future postings. Unicorn has become my first test subject for spray painting. It all started when my friend suggested to spray his magnum rifle for Unicorn Destroy mode. Upon seeing the effects of the spray on the rifle, and also how easily it can be done, we both when into frenzy mode and disassemble our kits and started re-working the whole kit.  

The spray paints that I have used for this kit are:- 
1. Tamiya Metallic Blue
2. Tamiya Gun Metal
3. Tamiya Pearl White

Cutting the story short. Here are the pictures of the spray painting. Now my Unicorn is having a semi-metal composite GFF feel now :) 

  Gun Metal-arised :)

 Backpack given the metallic treatment as well :)

 Hyper Bazooka made HYPER BAZOOKA :) 


Unicorn is now at 85% complete. Waiting for the decals from Samuel now :) Thanks for viewing and stay tune for more pictures :)

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