07 April 2010

HGUC 032 Char's Zaku II

You guys must thought that I have gone crazy and got myself this pre-historic kit when there are better Zaku kits out there. But then again, I bought this kit not without a reason. Recently I have not been updating my blog as I was experimenting and learning some new techniques along with my friend Monkey-001.

Anyways, long story cut short. This is kit is simply for experiment. But for your information, I got this kit at KawanRia for B$22.90. A bit pricey but I just don't mind. Was actually pondering between Char's Zaku II and the cheaper Gouf. Both a simple kits and good for experiment.

Will post some WIP very soon. Stay tune.

Thanks for viewing :)


  1. man, I have HGUC hardgraph Zaku II Commander type green colour scheme. It' pretty simple kit 4 me and it can use many Zeon MS weapons like DOM bazooka.I think at my place, this guy should be around RM 50 something. Is the gouf same price like this Zaku?

  2. I can say that Zaku are simple HG kits that easy to build but lack of articulation especially waist. But it can adapt many Zeon Ms weapons such DOM bazooka. I have HGUC Zaku II Commander Green colur scheme

  3. man, Ican say that This Zaku is easy to build but lack of articulation especially waist.but it can adapt many HGUC Zeon weapon models such DOM bazooka have HGUC ZakuII commander green scheme

  4. blog is really messed up...not sure what happened...|||


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